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Send personalized mass email campaigns directly from your Gmail account. Achieve higher deliverability and open rates.

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How to Mail Merge with Gmail and Google Sheets ?

Step 1: Prepare contact list in Google Sheets

Create a new Google Sheet (or use existing Sheet). Create a header row that contains column header names. Add the name, email address and other details of the recipients.

Step 1: Prepare email conatct list in Google Sheets

Step 2: Create an Email Template

Use the rich text editor to compose an email template. To insert data from spreadsheet contact list, use placecholders corresponding to the column names surrounded double curly braces, e.g.{{First Name}}.

Step 2: Create an Email Template

Step 3: Send the emails

Click on Start Sending to start sending the personalized emails to the recipients. Once completed, click on View Report button to see a detailed campaign report.

Step 3: Send the emails


Simple and easy-to-use mail merge features to save your time

Privacy-first addon

Mailway Mail Merge addon requires absolute minimum permission to run. The addon does not have any access to read your emails.

Send up to 2000 emails per day

Send email campaigns to up to 2000 recipients* per day from your Gmail id.

Google Workspace users can send up to 2000 emails per day on Pro plan and up to 1500 emails per day on Standard plan. users can send up to 500 emails per day on both Pro and Standard plan (this limit is imposed by Google). See pricing page for more details.

Read more about quotas

Personalize mass emails

You can personalize email subject line, body, attachments, cc and bcc to give every email a personal touch.


Send emails on autopilot

Use advanced delivery options: limit daily email sending count, add delay between emails, send emails only during specific weekday/specific time. Combine these options to achieve hyper-targeted email delivery.


Schedule campaigns

Schedule mail merge campaigns to send emails at specific date and time in future.

Track campaign statistics

Track email open rate, link click rate (click-through rate or CTR) and un-subscriptions in real time directly from Google Sheets.

Read how to track email open & click rates

Mail merge with attachments

Add attachments (e.g. pdf, word, excel, powerpoint files) to your emails. You can add common attachments (same attachments sent to all recipients) or personalized attachments (unique attachments for each recipient). Personalized attachment is very useful for sending payslips, invoices, invitations etc.

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